About our clean and service company

We have been working in the cleaning sector for more than 15 years.

It all started with Claudia Cosquiere bringing the cleaning, maintenance and rentals of foreigners and individuals who entrusted her with their apartments when there was not even Airbnb or WhatsApp …

Little by little and on demand the company begins to expand offering services to offices, communities, dealers, etc.

Since then the company has faced all kinds of work in terms of cleanliness refers:

  • Party rooms
  • Trade fair booths
  • Houses after an occupation
  • Industrial ships
  • Boats
  • Garages
  • Etc

This serves as a sample so you can see what we are capable of facing any specific service you need.

We are currently a leader in cleaning and maintenance in Estepona, with a team of more than 10 professionals and more than 1000 satisfied customers throughout our professional career.

Contact us and get to know us firsthand!